Thurvokun (Dragon Language: THUrVOKUN) is an undead Bone Dragon who is found in Fang Lair. He is fought as a boss after being resurrected by Orryn the Black.


Thurvokun was a dragon who lived in the Merethic and First Eras. Worshipped by the ruling Dragon Cult of early Skyrim, his priest was Zaan the Scalecaller. When the Dragon War broke out, Thurvokun decided that instead of aiding his kin in destroying the rebellion, he would simply leave Skyrim and went to the Dragon's Teeth mountains on the border of High Rock and Hammerfell. He found a city of the Kragen Clan of Dwemer called Arkngthamz-Phng and attacked it, driving out the Dwemer and subsequently made it his lair.[source?]

Thurvokun laired in the Dwemer city all the way into the First Era. A group of adventurers eventually found the ruins of the city and fought Thurvokun and successfully killed him but at the cost of their own lives.[source?]

In the Second Era, a group of necromancers called the Blackmarrow Cult led by a Nord named Orryn the Black found the city and the dragon's bones and decided to make a powerful weapon out of them. The Vestige was sent to stop this from happening and was able to kill Orryn and Thurvokun's reanimated bones.[source?]


  • Cold Snap
  • Terrorizing Roar
  • Plague Breath



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