The Tiber Septim Hotel is one of eight hotels and inns located in the Imperial City, and is located in the Talos Plaza District. This hotel is known as the most expensive and luxurious hotel in the Imperial City, and maybe all of Cyrodiil.

It is found in the District's center plaza, across the street from Umbacano Manor and next to Severius Atius's House.


The owner/publican Augusta Calidia, is a potion and food merchant, whilst buying both potions and food however only selling the latter. The ground floor of the inn is spacious and elegant. It contains the main reception area, which consists of a counter, a series of dining and working tables and Augusta's bed, which one can't sleep in. The rooms can be found on the second floor.

The second floor of the hotel is divided into two sections: a dining room containing one large and two smaller tables and the rooms rented by the other occupants. Specifically, there are four rooms: three singles and a double. The double and one of the singles are occupied by Faelian and Atraena, and Gwinas respectively.

The room that one can rent is the single closest to the dining room and contains a bed, a chest and a cupboard. It is not possible to sleep in any of the other rooms. Augusta's study can be accessed from the dining room and contains a desk and a table.



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