Tidros Indaram is a Dunmer who lives in Molag Mar, Morrowind. He is a member of the Buoyant Armigers, and the Tribunal Temple.


Armor Repair DebtsEdit

Make Giras Indaram pay his armor repair debts.


Armor Repair Debts

"What do you want?"

armor repair debts "If Giras owes a debt, why are you asking me about it?"
Giras refuses to pay his debts. "Alright, perhaps I can talk sense into my brother. Just tell him I said that paying the debts would be the honorable thing to do."
armor repair debts "Talk to my brother, Giras. Tell him that I said its time he started showing some responsibility."
Nevermind. "Well, perhaps you can settle this issue yourself."

After refusing Giras' challenge:

"What do you want?"

armor repair debts "If he challenged you to a duel, you should accept to uphold your own honor. Even if it is clear that my brother is the one at fault."


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