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Elder Scrolls

Tidros Indaram is a Dunmer who lives in Molag Mar, Morrowind. He is a member of the Buoyant Armigers, and the Tribunal Temple.


Armor Repair Debts[]

Make Giras Indaram pay his armor repair debts.


Armor Repair Debts

"What do you want?"

armor repair debts "If Giras owes a debt, why are you asking me about it?"
Giras refuses to pay his debts. "Alright, perhaps I can talk sense into my brother. Just tell him I said that paying the debts would be the honorable thing to do."
armor repair debts "Talk to my brother, Giras. Tell him that I said its time he started showing some responsibility."
Nevermind. "Well, perhaps you can settle this issue yourself."

After refusing Giras' challenge:

"What do you want?"

armor repair debts "If he challenged you to a duel, you should accept to uphold your own honor. Even if it is clear that my brother is the one at fault."