"A whole city, just... lost. How did we let this happen?"

Tierra quote

Tierra is a Redguard who was in the Kvatch City Watch before Kvatch's destruction. She is first seen inside the Chapel of Akatosh during the quest "Find the Heir." She will escort the civilians back to safety as soon as the area is clear.

She will join in the battle for the castle if possible, which can lead to her death.


Find the HeirEdit



"What's it like out there? We were beginning to fear we were the only survivors."

Kvatch "It... it all just happened so fast. It was all we could do to round up the survivors and try and get them to safety. We've failed them miserably."
Martin "Brother Martin? Yes, he's right over there. He led a group of us here during the confusion of the attack. We owe him our lives."

Breaking the Siege of KvatchEdit

"Excuse me. I need to take these people to the encampment."


Savlian Matius: "Report, soldier."
Tierra: "Sir, we're all that's left. Berich Inian, myself, and these civilians."
Savlian Matius: "That's it? There's no one else?"
Tierra: "There were others, sir. But they refused to stay put. We tried to convince them it was dangerous, but they left anyway. I guess they didn't make it."
Savlian Matius: "Very well. The area outside the Chapel has been cleared, and these people need to be taken to safety. Escort them to the camp south of here at once."
Tierra: "But, sir! I want to help fight!"
Savlian Matius: "You will, soldier. Once they're secure, get back here immediately. We'll need every available blade, and there'll be plenty of fighting to go around."
Tierra: "Sir, yes sir! Civilians! It's time to move out! Let's go!"


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