"You do use gold as a currency where you come from, don't you?"

Tilanfire is a banker in The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset. She works at the Alinor Bank and Trust in Alinor on the isle of Summerset. When spoken to, she is very friendly towards the Vestige, regardless of race. Tilanfire will try to be very humble without offending the player, unlike many Altmer.




If the player is an Altmer:

  • "Harmonious salutations, friend High Elf! May coins fall into your pockets like rain on a stormy day!"
  • "Greetings thrice over, friend High Elf! May your gold equal the number of stars in the sky above and the number of drops in the sea below! How may I be of service?"
  • "Honor and praise, friend High Elf! May your gold glitter and multiply like the fish in the sea! How can my vaults and coffers serve you today?"

If the player is not an Altmer:

  • "Well look what the sea washed ashore! Another one of our interesting visitors! Your gold and valuables will be treated with the same care as any High Elf's, you have my word. You do use gold as a currency where you come from, don't you?"
  • "Come closer. Don't be afraid. I just want to get a better look at you. Visitors to Summerset were few and far between before Queen Ayrenn opened our borders. Your gold is the same color as ours, so enter and be welcome!"
  • "Another visitor? How exciting! Not to be rude, but you all have such fascinating turns of phrase. I absolutely love your voice, by the way. I could listen to you for hours. I have so many questions! Perhaps later, at the inn? Over a bottle of aurum?"


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