"I was in command for years until Captain Rana took over. Now we sit on our hands while she dithers and frets."
―Tillrani Snow-Bourne[src]

Tillrani Snow-Bourne is Nord residing in Bleakrock Village on Bleakrock Isle, and a member of the Snow-Bourne Family. Initially she can be found in the center of the village, preaching to the residents. Tillrani dies of grievous wounds during the Daggerfall Covenant's assault on the village, exchanging words with the Vestige before succumbing. She is married Narrald Snow-Bourne.


Before "Sparking the Flame"

What is this place? / What can you tell me about the island? "Bleakrock Island. I was in command for years until Captain Rana took over. Now we sit on our hands while she dithers and frets."

Did you see battle while you were in command? "I repelled an Aldmeri Dominion scouting party once, and we've had bandits and raiders aplenty. I handled every emergency, but Captain Rana won't listen to a word I say."
What is the Pact? "You did take a hit to the head. Ten years back, when the Akaviri invaded from across the eastern sea, the Nords, Dark Elves, and Argonians united to throw them back! Now, we're the Ebonheart Pact."
Are we still fighting the Akaviri? "Ha! Once we smashed those Snakes, they didn't come back. Nowadays we've got other problems—the Daggerfall Covenant and the Aldmeri Dominion."
What's she dithering about? / What's your disagreement about? "Lighting the watchtower. When we spot a ship, we're supposed to send a signal. We spotted one, but Rana's delaying. She wants proof it's not a merchant, so she sent our only boat after the ship. It's loaded with the garrison's troops. Foolish girl."
Where did you find me? "Holsgar the Miller found you along the shore. He was certain you were going to die, but he dragged you back to town, just the same."
Are we in danger? "We spotted a ship offshore. I think it's the Daggerfall Covenant. They've claimed lands to the northwest across the High Rock and Hammerfell. It might be a scout, but I still think we're in for a fight."
Sparking the Flame

"Too many. There were just too many of them."

The signal fire is lit, Tillrani. What happened? "The Covenant is here. They set fire to the village. Narrald and I tried to protect the Earth-Turner family and the rest of the farmers."
Where are they? "Denskar headed to the bunkhouse. Aera tried to take shelter in my home. Then the soldiers set fires, laughing. Please, you have to get water. Save our people! I came to warn you, but the troops... they caught up on me."
Take it easy. How can I help you? "You can't. Don't come back for me. Just get Aera, Denskar, Littrek, and Trynhild. I didn't see where they went. Rana's at the old tomb. Tell her... tell her I forgive her."

"Find the Earth-Turners. I'm going to sit here and let the fire warm my bones. Maybe I'll take a few more of them with me before I go." (New greeting.)


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