Tilwen is a Nord found in Anvil, Gold Coast. She can be seen performing in the western plaza along with Ritabeth and Torolon.


  • "Good people of Anvil—prepare to be amazed, astounded, and above all, entertained! The Naughty Nereid Players have arrived!"
  • "Gaze in wonder at our fire-tamer! From the blistering summit of Ash Mountain, I bring you the volcano's favorite son, Torrid Torolon!"
  • "What? Torolon's mastery of the flame doesn't impress and astound you? Perhaps you want something ... truly hot!"
  • "From the far-off shores of Abah's Landing, this exotic beauty puts the 'naughty' in Naughty Nereids. Behold, the stunning and sinuous Ritabeth!"
  • "Lords and ladies, don't be shy! Such an alluring dance is best seen up close! For a few gold, I'm sure she'll turn up the heat! Let's open those purses!"
  • "Not all at once .... Really, you're too kind."
  • "Well, you've been an audience! We're the Naughty Nereid Players! Come back soon and bring a wealthy friend next time."


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