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Titles are compulsory character customization options, selected from the character menu unlocked upon completion of Act I. Before completion of Act I, the player's title will always be "The Forgotten Hero." Titles can be earned by meeting certain requirements such as playing certain cards and completing quests.

Common titlesEdit

These titles are grey and can be earned quicker than Rare and Epic titles.

Title Acquisition
Aldmeri Dominion Ambassador Win 30 games with a Intelligence, Willpower and Agility deck.
The Animal Lover Complete Master Wayrest Plains.
The Assassin Use Lethal creatures to kill 200 creatures.
The Black Marsh Leader Summon 300 Argonians.
The Blademaster Equip 200 items.
The Captain Summon 100 Guards.
Captain of Hooks Move 20 creatures with Grappling Hooks.
The Celebrity Play the Adoring Fan card.
The Champion of the Arena Complete 1 Versus Arena event with no losses.
The City's Destroyer Destroy the Heart of Lorkhan.
The City's Savior Use the Heart of Lorkhan.
The Clan Chieftan Summon 300 Orcs.
The Clever Defeat your opponent in six turns or less.
The Conqueror Win 500 Games.
The Cunning Win 100 games with an Intelligence deck.
Daggerfall Covenant Warmage Win 30 games with a Strength, Intelligence, and Endurance deck.
The Deadly Kill 1000 creatures.
The Defiant Win a game at 1 health.
The Destructive Deal 10000 damage.
The Dragonslayer Kill 50 Dragons.
Ebonheart Pact Guerilla Win 30 games with a Strength, Agility, and Endurance deck.
Empire Bannerman Win 30 games with a Strength, Willpower, and Agility deck.
Fighters Guild Associate Complete 3 Fighters Guild Quests.
The Firestarter Deal 30 damage with Flamespear Dragon's ability.
Fighters Guild Guardian Complete 30 Fighters Guild Quests.
Fighters Guild Protector Complete 10 Fighters Guild Quests.
The Fisherman Kill 10 Slaughterfish.
The General Have 8 Imperial Grunts in play at the same time.
The Grand Sapiarch Summon 300 High Elves.
The Great Mane Summon 300 Khajiit.
The Healer Gain 500 health.
The High King Summon 300 Bretons.
The Hist Mage Reach 15 max magicka in a game.
The House Leader Summon 300 Dark Elves.
The Imperial Captain Summon 300 Imperials.
The Keeper of the Green Pact Summon 300 Wood Elves.
The Lone Warrior Win a game dealing damage with one creature.
Mages Guild Associate Complete 3 Mages Guild Quests.
Mages Guild Evoker Complete 10 Mages Guild Quests.
Mages Guild Master Wizard Complete 30 Mages Guild Quests.
The Master of the Arena Complete 5 Versus Arena events with no losses.
The Master of Mirrors Get three copies of a unique creature in play.
The Master of Prowess Complete 5 Solo Arena events with no losses.
The Master Wizard Play 500 Actions.
The Mighty Win 100 games with a Strength deck.
The Monster Hunter Kill 150 Undead and Daedra.
Moon Chaser Summon 200 creatures Waxed or Waned.
The Necromancer Bring 30 creatures back from the dead.
The Nimble Win 100 games with an Agility deck.
The Persistent Reach the gold limit for a day for a versus battle.
The Pickpocket Pilfer 100 times.
The Power Hungry Consume 100 creatures.
The Quick-Clawed Pilfer with Khajiit 100 times.
The Resolute Win 100 games with a Willpower deck.
The Rihad Warrior Summon 300 Redguards.
The Runebreaker Destroy 1000 runes.
The Savior of Cyrodiil Complete Chapter 20.
The Seer Play 100 Prophecies.
The Stalwart Win 100 games with an Endurance deck.
Steward of the Guildsworn Win 30 games with a Strength, Intelligence, and Willpower deck
The Tactician Move 30 creatures.
The Tormentor Shackle 100 enemy creatures.
The Triumphant Jarl Summon 300 Nords.
The Victorious Win 100 games.
Thieves Guild Bandit Complete 10 Thieves Guild Quests.
Thieves Guild Pickpocket Complete 3 Thieves Guild Quests.
Thieves Guild Shadowfoot Complete 30 Thieves Guild Quests.
The Forgotten Hero Starting title.
The Smuggler Complete Chapter 8.
The Untouchable Win a battle without taking damage.

Rare titlesEdit

These titles are blue and are harder to earn.

Title Acquisition
Ambitious Necromancer Consume 200 Imbued creatures.
The Arcane Prodigy Empower 10 times in a single turn.
Archmagister of Telvanni Sacrifice 200 creatures with Betray.
Archmaster of Redoran Rally 200 creatures.
Archmage of the Dominion Play 200 actions with Empower.
Armsmaster of the Covenant Equip Recruits with 200 items.
Aundae Bloodkin Draw 10 Blood Magic spells with Aundae Clan Sorcerer.
Berne Clan Stalker Destroy 20 creatures with Berne Clan Nightstalker.
The Blood Magic Lord Play 50 Blood Magic spells.
The Cartographer Complete 3 or more Treasure Hunts with one Treasure Map.
The Clonemaster Summon 20 Daughters of Fyr.
Councilor of Dagoth Summon 200 creatures with 5 power or more.
The Creator Complete Clonemaster, Master of Assassins, and Blood Magic Lord.
The Daedric Master Complete The Supreme Atromancer, The Ironmonger, and The Master of Flesh.
The Dawnbreaker Destroy 30 Undead with Dawnbreaker's ability.
The Defender Give 50 creatures Guard with Elixir of the Defender.
The Deflector Give 50 Wards with Elixir of Deflection.
The Dragon Seeker Summon 20 Dragons with the Halls of Colossus.
The Drillmaster Summon 200 recruits.
The Earth Bone Participate in the beta.
Fighters Guild Master Complete 60 Fighters Guild Quests.
The Forger Equip 30 items with Wrothgar Forge.
The Golden Deal 8 damage with a Goldbrand activation.
Guildsworn Campaigner Activate Expertise effects 200 times.
Imperial Grand Tactician Summon a creature while you have another creature in each lane 200 times.
The Ironmonger Deal 120 damage with Iron Atronach.
The King of Orsinium Summon 30 Orcs with Gortwog gro-Nagorm.
The Light Footed Give 50 creatures cover with Elixir of Light Feet.
Mages Guild Archmage Complete 60 Mages Guild Quests.
The Master of Assassins Summon 30 Brotherhood Assassins.
The Master of Dragons Summon 20 Dragons in one game.
The Master of Flesh Summon a 20 or more power Flesh Atronach.
The Mastermind Trigger 50 Last Gasps with Necrom Mastermind.
Moon Catcher Activate the Moon Gates 100 times.
The Pastry Chef Transform an enemy creature into a Sweet Roll.
The Pocket Emptier Pilfer 5 times in a turn.
Quarra Clan Reaver Drain 20 health with Quarra Clan Bloodkin.
The Skirmisher Deal 30 player damage with creatures buffed by Skirmisher's Elixir.
The Supreme Atromancer Summon 40 Atronachs.
The Telekinetic Moved 10 times with a single Telekinesis.
The Thief of Dreams Use Orb of Vaermina 10 times to get a card that costs 8 or more.
The Thu'um Master Play 200 Shouts.
The Unconquerable Have a Fighters Guild Elite with 100 power.
The Unvanquished Win 1000 Games.
The Vigorous Give 100 points of health with Elixir of Vigor.
The Walker of Mundus Give 50 keywords with Mundus Stone.
Thieves Guild Master Complete 60 Thieves Guild Quests.
Warleader of the Pact Achieve Veteran status with 200 creatures.

Epic titlesEdit

These titles are purple, and more difficult to earn, often needing to achieve certain Rare titles as a pre-requisite. Some titles are hidden from the in-game list and must be unlocked by playing certain cards in a specific way, or are obtained depending on the player's choices during a story quest.

Title Acquisition
The Alchemist Complete Skirmisher, Deflector, Defender, Light Footed, and Vigorous.
At Your Servive Activate Haskill's ability 20 times.
Bearer of the Wrathstone Early supporter of Moons of Elsweyr.
The Centurion Win 100 games with an all-Neutral deck.
The Clearheaded Defeat Sheogorath on Master difficulty.
The Creator Complete Clonemaster, Master of Assassins, and Blood Magic Lord.
The Daedric Master Complete Supreme Atromancer, Ironmonger, and Master of Flesh.
The Dovahkiin A mortal warrior with the soul of a dragon.
The Dragonborn Complete Dragonslayer, Master of Dragons, and Thu'um Master.
Duchess of Dementia Activate the Dementia Lane 40 times.
Duke of Mania Activate the Mania Lane 40 times.
The Emperor Collect 100% of the Alliance War set.
Follower of the Lattice Summon 500 creatures Waned.
The Founder Early supporter of the game.
Gatecrasher Complete Master Gates of Madness after completing Master Garden of Swords.
The Ghost Whisperer Drive Zhanar Tabav insane.
The Gladiator Complete Master of the Arena, Champion of the Arena, and Master of Prowess.
The God of the Machine Use the Heart of Lorkhan on Master.
The God Slayer Destroy the Heart of Lorkhan on Master.
The Gravedigger Have 50 or more creatures in your discard pile.
The Heretic Transform 50 creatures into Daedra with Heretic Conjurer.
The Hortator Win a game using Unite the Houses.
The Immortal Have 100 health at some point in a game.
Jack of Trades Complete Master Wizard, Blademaster, Captain, and Seer.
The Lich Summon 2000 Undead.
The Mad Complete Forger, Walker of Mundus, and King of Orsinium.
The Memory Master Complete on Master difficulty: Last Stand, Apprentice, Red Mountain, Betrayal, and Tools.
The Miraculous Win a game at negative health.
The Moon Bishop Summon 500 creatures Waxed.
The Moon-Blessed Collect 100% of the Moons of Elsweyr set.
The Nerevarine The chosen one of Azura's prophecy.
Nerevar Reborn Collect 100% of the Houses of Morrowind set.
Nirn's Doom Banish Varen Aquilarios with Soulburst.
The Rebel Supporter of the Moons of Elsweyr
The Resplendent Win a game with an all-premium deck.
The Sadist Activate Eager Torturer's ability 30 times.
The Scrupulous Complete Master Trophy Room without destroying any Trophy Cases.
The Transmogrifier Use Transmogrify to summon 10 creatures that cost 12 or more.
The Truthbringer Tell Tayvar and Rayvat the real story.
The Treasure Hunter Complete Golden, Thief of Dreams, and Dawnbreaker.
Troublemaker Deal 100 damage to yourself with the Trouble Seeker.
War Hero Complete Untouchable, Lone Warrior, and Unvanquished.
Warmonger Early supporter of the Alliance War.


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