Tjurhane Fyrre was an Ayleid elf. He was born in the First Era, in 1E 2790. He died in the Second Era, in 2E 227

He is described in The Wild Elves as "one of the greatest sages."[1] He worked at the University of Gwilym, where he is believed to have published several works.[2]

Amongst his known works is the "Nature of Ayleidic Poems", which was published by the University of Gwilym in 2E 12. In it, he wrote that "the nature of the tribes of Ayleid are multi-hued, their personalities often wildly different from their neighbor tribes." He is one of the very few Ayleids to speak about his people and religion, and it is this lack of knowledge about that causes people to fear them.[1]


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