To Catch a Thief is a quest in The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon in which the Nerevarine must investigate the theft of ore from Raven Rock Mine.

Background[edit | edit source]

Falco believes that Uryn Maren is stealing ore from the colony mine, and wants me to bring him proof of the theft.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  1. Speak with Falco Galenus
  2. Search Uryn Maren's chest in his house
  3. Speak with Galenus
  4. Secretly follow Maren through the mine
  5. Speak with Maren in the supply room
  6. Speak with Galenus
  7. Speak with Carnius Magius
  8. Speak with Galenus

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

After completing the quest "Supply Route Problems," if the Nerevarine sided with Falco Galenus, they may speak with him for assignments. Falco will mention that there is a thief who is stealing ore from the mine, and that he strongly suspects it is Uryn Maren. He will task the Nerevarine to search Maren's chest in his house to find evidence of the theft.

The Nerevarine should search Maren's home for a chest. The chest will be in the bedroom but will be empty. There is no one in the house, so the Nerevarine has the opportunity to steal anything they want. After leaving the house, the Nerevarine should return to Falco and he will express his disappointment that there is no evidence against Maren. Falco, however, continues to suspect Maren and tasks the Nerevarine with discretely following him through the mine to observe his activities.

The Nerevarine should immediately head to the Raven Rock Mine where Maren should be not too far from the entrance. Once the Nerevarine has found him, he will start walking. The Nerevarine must then pursue him whilst remaining undetected. Maren will make his way to the supply room, presumably to steal some of the ore, at which point the Nerevarine should contront him. Maren will tell the Nerevarine that it was Carnius Magius who told him to steal the ore.

The Nerevarine should return to Falco with the information. He will tell the them that he already suspected Carnius was involved, and will ask them to go to Fort Frostmoth and confront Carnius. When confronted, Carnius will deny everything, and will call Maren a liar as well as a thief, saying that he will be dealt with shortly.

Upon returning to Falco, he will inform the Nerevarine that Maren died in captivity, but that there were no witnesses and so he is unable to accuse anyone of murder. He will then give the Nerevarine their reward and the quest will be complete.

Journal[edit | edit source]

To Catch a Thief – CO_6
Falco believes that Uryn Maren is stealing ore from the colony mine, and wants me to bring him proof of the theft.
  • Quest accepted
Falco has given me the key to Uryn Maren's house. I should look for a locked chest near the bed; the ore should be in it.
The chest in Uryn Maren's house is empty.
Falco has ordered me to follow Uryn Maren in the mines, to see if he's really stealing. I'm not supposed to be seen by anyone.
I followed Uryn Maren to the storage room, where he has no business being.
Uryn Maren confessed to stealing ore from the mines, but says that Carnius put him up to it.
I informed Falco that I caught Uryn Maren in the mines. I now need to take the news to Carnius.
Carnius denies having any involvement with Uryn's theft, and says Uryn Maren will be dealt with.
Uryn Maren was found dead in the store room where he was being held. With no evidence, and no witness, we'll have to find some other way to get Carnius.
  • Quest complete
I blew my cover, and ruined any chance of catching Uryn Maren red-handed.
  • Quest complete
I've been fired from the East Empire Company for killing Uryn Maren.
  • Quest complete

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