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I know that was you in the crowd at Enrick's last night, Mederic. You may have changed your hair and your fine clothes, but you can't hide that scar on your chin or the missing fingers on your right hand.

I know where you slid off to, now, and I know it was your crew that did Lennoc back in Port Hunding. He was my best mate for twenty years, in case you forgot about that while you were making him sing.

I'm leaving this note as a courtesy, so you can get your affairs in order. You have three days to make your peace and say your goodbyes to whatever sorry excuse for friends you've gathered in this rat hole of a port. After that, I'm coming for you. Make no mistake, you're leaving this world.

If you don't put up a fuss, I'll make it quick, which is a damn sight better than you gave Lennoc. If you run, then our next meeting will be very different. Once I catch you, I'll make it last a very long time.

If the waiting grows too hard for you, you pig-faced coward, I won't object if you do yourself before your days are up. Your method, your choice. But know this ... I'll absolutely make sure afterward.

Remember, Mederic. I'm watching you. You know as well as Lennoc did that I can track better than anyone. You might make it out of Anvil, but you won't make it away from me. You're done living.

See you in three days.


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