Todd's Super Tester Guy is a Dunmer guard, and a high-ranking member of the Blades. He offers every type of service available in Morrowind, and is a skilled melee combat trainer. He trades in all varieties of wares and has a considerable quantity of gold available to purchase items. He does not offer unique dialogue, and is not involved in any quests.

Todd was used to test various aspects of gameplay and character interactions during Morrowind's development. He is located in the ToddTest area, which is not accessible during regular gameplay. He can only be encountered on the PC by using a console command to teleport to the area: coc ToddTest


Todd has a low initial disposition, making him tolerant of, but not friendly towards the Nerevarine. He is usually nonchalant for a guard, and does not enforce of the law unless the criminal is someone he knows and dislikes (behaving more like an average citizen). If witness to a crime committed by a friend, Todd looks the other way. However, he does not tolerate acts of violence and will always respond to cries for help from anyone nearby.


Service-related stats: Bartering Gold: 10,000 Mercantile Skill: 8 Default Disposition: 30

Todd offers every type of service available in the game (some of negligible value). He has the third-highest quantity of bartering gold in Morrowind, behind Creeper and the Mudcrab Merchant.

Blacksmith Todd can repair armor, shields, and weapons.
Enchanter Todd offers enchanting services.
Merchant Todd buys all varieties of goods.
He offers only two items for sale: a Glass War Axe and a Steel Battle Axe. *
Skill Trainer Todd is an accomplished melee fighter and offers the following skill training:
Block: 86      Long Blade: 91      Medium Armor: 86
  Spell Merchant   Although a spell merchant he does not have any spells available.
If selected, an empty list of spells is displayed.
Spellmaker Todd offers spellmaking services.
Transport Todd can teleport the Nerevarine for a small fee.
However, the only destination he offers is the ToddTest cell where he is located.

* If sold higher quality items Todd will equip them, making additional items from his inventory available for purchase.

Attributes and equipmentEdit


Todd's Super Tester Guy is skilled in the use of medium and heavy armor, blocking with a shield, and inflicting damage with long blade and blunt weaponry. He is also highly skilled in Athletics with 76 points.
Primary Skills
Long Blade 91
Block 86
Blunt Weapon 86
Heavy Armor 86
Medium Armor 86

Abilities, powers, and spellsEdit

Abilities Powers Spells
  • None


Armor: Weapons:


  • [?]



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