For other uses, see ToddTest.

ToddTest is a test cell that is accessible only by use of console commands.

Description[edit | edit source]

ToddTest is a very large room holding containers filled with every item in the game, some creatures and characters, and various objects that can modify the Nerevarine's traits. Some of the items found here are extremely valuable, such as the Bittercup, a Grand Soul Gem (filled with the soul of an ogrim and valued at 33,000 Gold), every piece to a Grandmaster Alchemy set, a few other soul gems, and a collection of various Daedric Weapons. It also shows an object that, when activated, allows the Nerevarine to play various sound tests that also show subtitles for the sound played, even if subtitles are disabled. There is also a wooden door that will teleport the Nerevarine back to the exact position in the cell where they first appeared when activated.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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