The Tomb of Dagoth Morin was a House Dagoth Tomb and the final resting place of Sixth House priest Dagoth Morin, and was situated in the base of Kogoruhn, in the Bleeding Heart caverns. The tomb consisted of a simple slab of stone, where Morin's remains were most likely kept, with several smaller stones surrounding it; on these stones were an Orc warhammer and a skull. On the tomb itself rested the Shadow Shield, and artifact which may have belonged to Morin.

The tomb was most famous for its part in the Raid on Kogoruhn, when the Nerevarine infiltrated the base in an effort to recover several items, among them the Shadow Shield. In the Bleeding Heart, the Nerevarine slew Dagoth Elam, the tomb's apparent guardian, and took the Shadow Shield.

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