Tonal Architect, or Magecrafter,[1] was a notable rank in Dwemer society and was attributed to Dwemer craftsmen and mage-engineers. These types of builders specialized in Tonal Architecture and the magic technologies of the Dwemer. One variant of this rank was the Chief Tonal Architect[2]; a person who held this position led the Tonal Architect group in their studies and development of the magical technologies of the Dwemer.

Notable magic technologies createdEdit

Notable Tonal ArchitectsEdit

  • Kagrenac (Chief Tonal Architect)[5]
  • Bthuand Mzahnch‎[6]
  • Yagrum Bagarn – One of the last known living and existing Dwemer and one of Kagrenacs' Tonal Architects. He was traveling in the Outer Realms when the Battle of Red Mountain occurred and Kagrenac tapped into the Heart of Lorkhan, causing the entire Dwemer race to disappear. He had no knowledge of the disappearance of his race until after he returned from the Outer Realms, and still, for unknown reasons, he was completely unaffected by the events at Red Mountain during the First Era. He spent many years searching through Morrowind for answers to the disappearance of his race, as well as other Dwemer. Eventually, he caught the Corprus disease, and as of the Third Era, he was residing in the Corprusarium, and was mostly conscious, though he did not have full control of his body or mind.[7]
  • Mzulchond[8]


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