Not to be confused with Torolf.
"So, you're Carnius' lacky, are yeh? Make it quick."

Toralf is a Nord barbarian and the leader of the false Skaal tribe on Solstheim. He can be found either in the Raven Rock Mine or wandering the wilds of the Hirstaang Forest region.


Drastic MeasuresEdit

Carnius Magius has asked the Nerevarine to deliver equipment to a group of Nords arriving on Solstheim. He's hired them to slaughter the colonists at Raven Rock, making it appear as if the natives did it.

Under SiegeEdit

The Skaal have apparently attacked the colony. Falco Galenus and the others were able to push the attacks into the mine, but there are now workers trapped in there. Falco suggests to go in, eliminate the Skaal, and make sure the workers are safe.


Drastic MeasuresEdit

"So, you're Carnius' lacky, are yeh? Make it quick. Pass out that equipment; we've got work to do."

equipment "Aye, the weapons and armor yeh'be got. Give armor and a weapon to each of my men, and let me know when yeh've finished. Hurry up, now."

(If approached again)
"Hurry up and pass out the equipment, you. We don't have time to waste."
(After delivering all the weapons and armor)
"All done, are yeh? Good. Just give me my equipment, and we can wrap this up."

equipment "Passed it all out, did yeh? That's a good lackey. Now, I'll just be taking what you've got for me, and then we'll be dispatchin' yeh. 'Fraid so, on Carnius' orders. Seems he don't have much need for yeh anymore, and thought yeh might be a good warm up for us. Nothin' personal, yeh understand."

(If attacked before handing out all the equipment)
"That's some nerve yeh've got there, attackin' us! Thnk we'll have to teach yeh a lesson!"


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