Torture Victims are four friendly NPC's that can be find in the Dawnstar Sanctuary in the Torture Chamber that can be bought with Delvin Mallory in Riften. The four Torture Victims are Nords, 2 male and 2 female. {C}
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  • If attacked enough, the victims will eventually say where they hide a large stash of money (1000-2000 Septims) within various hollowed out rocks and stumps.
  • They can be used to easily level skills, as they cannot fight back and are prone to anything done to them. Simply use a heal other spell and alternate to some form of attack.
    • This doesn't always work, as other Dark Brotherhood members may also attack them as well.
  • If the victims are killed, they are NOT replaced with new ones, therefore only supplying one treasure location per victim.
  • They'll tell you where their treasure is if you just talk to them long enough, too.

Treaur​e Locations

Young Female

Fast travel to Merryfair Farm and head West-Northwest past the millstone about twenty yards/meters. The tree stump is a snapped-off birch, right next to another tree still standing, just below a rock outcrop.

Black-haired Male

Fast travel to Pelagia Farm and head due West. You'll ride along a fallen tree, and just beyond it will be a dead tree still standing. The rock is due south of the standing tree, a smaller rock between two larger ones.

Red-haired Male

Fast travel to Hollyfrost Farm and head North-northwest, crossing the river. Come ashore to the right of the ice floe with the two horkers, and proceed over the snow drift, past three pine trees on your right. You'll pass a smaller tree and finally between two bushes. Just beyond is the dark gray rock to the left of a stand of pines. Be careful, this area contains one or more leveled creatures.

Old Female

Fast travel to The Apprentice Stone and walk the shallow waterway behind it due North. At the third tiny island, the waterway turns East, and the tree stump will be on the first tiny island with a standing tree. Mudcrabs are in the area.


  • Using the Thu'um "Ice Form" on a Torture Victim will freeze them solid and cause them to pop off the wall. When they defrost they will get up and stand around asking to let them free, regardless of the fact they are no longer are attached to the wall.

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