"Forget the old man. I'll come with you."
―Torturer's Assistant[src]

Torturer's Assistant is an Imperial found in Helgen Keep. He wears a set of Imperial light armor, with the exception of the helmet as well as an iron mace.


He is the assistant to the Torturer in Helgen Keep. He will either be friendly or hostile to the Dragonborn depending on whom they followed into to the keep.

If Hadvar is followed, he will be under attack by Stormcloaks. If he survives he will follow Hadvar and the Dragonborn to escape, after defeating the Stormcloaks in the next room, he decides to stay with the Torturer and presumably dies somehow in the carnage.

If Ralof is followed, he will be hostile along with the Torturer and attack them, the Dragonborn and Ralof kill them both.



Torturer: "You fellows happened along just in time. These boys seemed a bit upset at how I've been entertaining their comrades."
Hadvar: "Don't you even know what's going on? A dragon is attacking Helgen!"
Torturer: "A dragon? Please. Don't make up nonsense. Although, come to think of it, I did hear some odd noises coming from over there."
Hadvar: "Come with us. We need to get out of here."
Torturer: "You have no authority over me, boy."
Hadvar: "Didn't you hear me? I said the keep is under attack!"
Torturer's Assistant: "Forget the old man. I'll come with you."
Torturer: "There's no way out that way, you know..."



I've been captured by the Empire and been sentenced to death alongside Stormcloak rebels. We were being taken to Helgen, but before I could be executed Alduin appeared and attacked the town. I need to find a way out of the town.


Quote Condition
"We need to find a way out of here."
"Worry about yourself."
"I better stay back and see to the old man. Good luck you two." After fighting the Stormcloaks in the large room.


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