King Torug gro-Igron was an Orsimer chieftain who is credited with founding the city of Orsinium in the Wrothgarian Mountains of High Rock,[1] after Warlord Thulgeg led the orcs into the province.[2] When close to death, Torug climbed all the way to the peak of Sorrow and perished there, with Malacath granting Daedric guardians to the tomb of his bear companion, Coldwind. Torug is remembered as one of the greatest heroes in Orcish history, and statues in his image grace new Orsiniums.[1]


A Cold Wind from the MountainEdit

After entering Coldwind's tomb, the Shade of Torug will appear. He will tell you that Coldwind was not to be disturbed in her tomb until a true Hero of Wrothgar came, initially unaware that is you.

He will then ask you to place the four items he used to win over Coldwind in their respective braziers, in order to replay the past. They brazier they will be put in depend's on which direction the item came from. Once they are all correctly placed, Coldwind's spirit will appear.

Torug will then allow you to take her skull. He will remark that he always knew that Coldwind's skull would be interrupted, and that he isn't happy about it.

Sorrow's KissEdit

Although not directly involved in the quest, Torug gro-Igron's frozen body can be found at the summit of Sorrow mountain, along with his famous armlet.


"Coldwind's tomb was to remain buried under ice until a true hero of Wrothgar walked the land. Now you disturb the dust in her resting place. Why are you here?"

I'm here for Coldwind's skull. "Brazen ignorance. Of course. You don't understand what you ask. Coldwind has a special place in my legend, and I in hers."
What must I do to retrieve Coldwind's skull? "In this tomb are the items I used to win over Coldwind's trust. Return each to its proper home, so you may return to yours."

"You have no business asking for Coldwind's skull if you can't display a basic understanding of her legend."

After the past is replayed, Torug will say the following if spoken to:

"I always knew Coldwind's rest would be interrupted. Doesn't mean I'm happy about it. What now?"

Sorrow's Kiss

The following is an interaction with gro-Igron's frozen body.

<The Orc, frozen in agony, seems to be focused upon the bracer on his arm. The bracer matches the description of the Armlet of Torug.>

I should take the Armlet of Torug.

Quest-related dialogueEdit

Quote Condition
"Torug brought echatere meat to fill the snow bear's hungry belly." Placing Meat from the West
"Torug spilled his own blood to draw out the great snow bear." Placing Blood of the North
"Torug brought clean water to slake the snow bear's thirst." Placing Water from the East
"Torug brought fire to warm the snow bear's frozen hide." Placing Fire from the South
"And Coldwind accepted King Torug's offerings―for he had come as an equal, and not as a master." All items placed
"Wrong." An item is placed in the wrong brazier
"Sad ... just sad."




King of Orsinium
None (Founding ruler) 1E 9?? - 1E 9?? Golkarr
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