Toutius Sextius' House is the first house on the left, opposite the guard house when Skingrad is entered through the high east gate.


This three story building with a basement is the home of Toutius Sextius, who is one of the targets for the quest "Paranoia."

When entering the house one can see the hallway has an open plan and a high ceiling, which means one can look down into the hallway from all floors. The first two floors are for entertaining with the top floor acting as a bedroom and office.

There are two leveled jewelry boxes, one is in his bedroom and one is hidden behind a chest of drawers on the second floor. He also have a leveled chest by his bed.

The basement does not have much of value; it is used as a storage room for food and plates and cups.

Notable itemsEdit



In the Hero's travels in Skingrad, Glarthir will eventually approach them and have a short conversation with them. Glarthir will then tell them to meet him behind the chapel at midnight.

If they ask someone in town about Glarthir, Captain Dion of the Skingrad Guard will approach them and tell the Hero that Glarthir is crazy and to report to him any strange things Glarthir may suggest.


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