Town Prestige acts as a tier system which evaluates the Town of the Fugitive in The Elder Scrolls: Blades. Once the Town's prestige level goes up, the Fugitive is allowed to upgrade more the buildings and unlock new quests.

Increasing Town PrestigeEdit

There are two different types of structures increase town prestige: buildings and decorations. Ruins of the old buildings can be seen everywhere in the town, acting as slots for the player to place the new ones.

There are seven types of buildings the player can construct, three of which are homes (Dwelling, Homestead, and House) which require only one building slot, while the remaining four (Smithy, Alchemy Laboratory, Enchanter's Tower, and Workshop) are ones the Fugitive can interact with. These buildings require two building slots to construct. The prestige each building scales with the player's town level, with the interactable buildings granting a higher amount than the houses.

Decorations fall into three categories of size, being small, medium, and large, and are placed in decoration slots found scattered around the town.

Town Level Prestige to Next Level Building Max Level Unlocks
0 500 0 Town Hall, Timber Customization
1 2000 1 Smithy, Dwelling, Homestead, House
2 2500 2 Alchemy Laboratory, Stone Customization
3 [?] 3 Workshop, Walls, Main Gate
4 [?] 4 Enchanter's Tower
5 [?] 5 Castle Customization
6 7500 6 [?]
7 9000 7 [?]
8 [?] 8 [?]
9 [?] 9 [?]
10 Max 10 [?]


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