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A town is a small settlement. Towns range from scattered groupings of buildings to substantial settlements. Typically, a substantial number of civilian NPCs, ranging from 5–40, may be found in a given town. They are located across Tamriel, and may be found in all provinces of the Empire.

The following is a list of towns in alphabetical order:


Name Region Province
Abbey of the Eight N/A Cyrodiil
Alcaire Castle Stormhaven High Rock
Alten Corimont Shadowfen Black Marsh
Applewatch N/A Cyrodiil
Bergama Alik'r Desert Hammerfall
Bleakrock Village Bleakrock Isle Skyrim
Brackenleaf Grahtwood Valenwood
Bramblebreach Greenshade Valenwood
Bruma N/A Cyrodiil
Burned Estate N/A Cyrodiil
Cheydinhal N/A Cyrodiil
Chorrol N/A Cyrodiil
Cormount Grahtwood Valenwood
Cragwallow Eastmarch Skyrim
Cropsford N/A Cyrodiil
Crosswych Glenumbra High Rock
Dawnbreak Auridon Summerset Isles
Dhalmora Bal Foyen Morrowind
Dragonstar Craglorn High Rock
Dread Vullain Greenshade Valenwood
Dreughside Stormhaven High Rock
Eagle's Brook Glenumbra High Rock
Fell's Run Rivenspire High Rock
Forsaken Hamlet Shadowfen Black Marsh
Geirmund's Hall The Rift Skyrim
Greenhill Reaper's March Elsweyr
Greenwater Cove Auridon Summerset Isles
Hackdirt N/A Cyrodiil
Haj Uxith Shrouded Plain Coldharbour
Hoarfrost Downs Rivenspire High Rock
Ivarstead The Rift Skyrim
Kerbol's Hollow Bangkorai High Rock
Koeglin Village Stormhaven High Rock
Leki's Blade Alik'r Desert Hammerfell
Lower Yorgrim Eastmarch Skyrim
Lukiul Uxith Stonefalls Morrowind
Mathiisen Auridon Summerset Isles
Moira's Hope Rivenspire High Rock
Mud Tree Village Shadowfen Black Marsh
Murcien's Hamlet Bangkorai High Rock
Muth Gnaar Deshaan Morrowind
Narsis Deshaan Morrowind
Nimalten The Rift Skyrim
Northsalt Village Rivenspire High Rock
Pa'alat Reaper's March Elsweyr
Pariah Abbey Stormhaven High Rock
Percolating Mire Shadowfen Black Marsh
Phaer Auridon Summerset Isles
Quarantine Serk Deshaan Morrowind
Redfur Trading Post Grahtwood Valenwood
S'ren-ja Reaper's March Elsweyr
Saintsport Stros M'Kai Hammerfell
Selfora Deshaan High Rock
Senie Stonefalls Morrowind
Shattered Grove Auridon Summerset Isles
Shinji's Scarp Stormhaven High Rock
Shor's Stone The Rift Skyrim
Silent Mire Deshaan Morrowind
Silsailen Auridon Summerset Isles
Southpoint Grahtwood Valenwood
Spinner's Cottage Greenshade Valenwood
Stillrise Village Shadowfen Black Marsh
Stonetooth Fortress Betnikh
High Rock
Tal'Deic Fortress Deshaan Morrowind
Tanglehaven Malabal Tor Valenwood
The Gray Mire Grahtwood Valenwood
Vinedusk Village Reaper's March Elsweyr
Vlastarus N/A Cyrodiil
Vulkwasten Malabal Tor Valenwood
Westtry Glenumbra High Rock
Weye N/A Cyrodiil
Weynon Priory N/A Cyrodiil
Willowgrove Reaper's March Elsweyr
Wind Keep Stormhaven High Rock
Wittestadr Eastmarch Skyrim
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