Trainer Interface.

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Trainers increase certain skills in exchange for gold. Training can be used five times per level only. Training a skill in this way costs 10 x current skill level (e.g., raising a skill from 24 to 25 costs 240g). Note that current skill level for the purpose of the payment is calculated after modifiers, e.g. from enchanted armor. Therefore, it is cheaper if skill-boosting gear is unequipped before entering a training session.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Drain "Skill" also affects the amount of gold paid to a trainer. Through use of potions, poisons, spells or enchantments it is possible to reduce a skill temporarily to 0, or as low as your character can manage. Doing this will allow you to train one level for free (or a reduced cost). It is possible to train 5 times at no charge if one reapplies the Drain Skill between each free training session. So long as the player's current skill level is 0 the game will not charge for training. If only one application of Drain Skill is done then the next level will then cost 10 and so on adding to a total of 100g for 5 levels in that skill if reduced completely to 0. When the Drain effect wears out your skill will return to its actual level plus however many you trained. This method can save quite a bit of gold, effectively reducing the cost of training a skill by up to 900 or more gold per level. Drain Skill effects from two separate sources are required to lower skill to zero when it is naturally 101–200.

  • Note that no matter how much you drain any skill it cannot fall below 0.
  • It is possible to raise a skill past 100 using this method, although doing so has little or no impact. This is because the game calculates skill trainers based on your current skill level, not your actual skill level. When the drain effect is removed the original skill level is added to the amount gained from the trainer making this possible.
  • Not only does the game calculate the cost of training based on the current level, it also determines who can train you. For example, if your Blade skill is 70 and don't want to spend time doing the Master Quest you can simply drain your blade skill to 10 and can train with an apprentice trainer.

It is very useful to increase the 100 first points of the major skill without leveling, and then train 5 points per level in that skill. In that way, full stats and very high level is possible.

  • The first skill to max should have the governing attribute be Endurance in order to get max hp, since 10% of the Endurance becomes hp each time you level.

Master-level training[edit | edit source]

There is one master trainer for each skill and a number of either apprentice, journeyman, or expert trainers scattered throughout the country. In order to be trained by the master trainer a quest needs to be completed, a quest given by one of the expert trainers in the skill. The quest will involve finding the master trainer and then doing something for them. Only a journeyman/an expert level trainer can give you the requisite training quest, and will only do so once you have achieved level 70 in the appropriate skill.

Business hours[edit | edit source]

Like merchants (including spell merchants), skill trainers are only "open for business" at certain times of the day. So, you may find yourself talking to one of these people without the training icon showing up. This will happen if they are busy as well; for example, some trainers may train from sunrise to sunset, but if they visit the chapels they will not train during prayer. In such cases you will have to wait it out and possibly follow them around. Masters, at least, appear to offer training at all times, and also stay in the same place. The only master that does not stay in the same place is Alawen, the Master marksman trainer. She will go a little NE of her camp and stand there till later on in the day and come back to her camp.

For information on how to complete master trainer quests, see Master Trainer Quests.

Acrobatics Trainers[edit | edit source]

Acrobatics.jpg Novice: Quill-Weave Quill-Weave's House in Anvil
Apprentice: Ida Vlinorman Elven Gardens District
Journeyman: Tsrava J'bari's House in Leyawiin
Journeyman: Ganredhel Cheydinhal
Master: Torbern Aerin's Camp, north of Cheydinhal

Alchemy Trainers[edit | edit source]

Alchemy.jpg Novice: Felen Relas Anvil Mages Guild
Apprentice: S'drassa Leyawiin Mages Guild
Journeyman: Ardaline Bravil Mages Guild
Journeyman: Brotch Calus Olav's Tap and Tack in Bruma
Master: Sinderion* West Weald Inn in Skingrad

*You will have to bring him both a bottle of Tamika's Vintage 399 wine and a bottle of Surilie Brother's Vintage 399 wine.

Alteration Trainers[edit | edit source]

Alteration.jpg Apprentice: Dovyn Aren Elven Gardens District
Apprentice: Deetsan Cheydinhal Mages Guild
Journeyman: Athragar Chorrol Mages Guild
Journeyman: Abhuki Faregyl Inn Northwest of Bravil
Master: Tooth-in-the-Sea* north of Bravil, east of Flooded Mine in Niben Bay.
  • *You'll have to pass a test of spending three hours underwater with him before he'll train you, unless your character is an Argonian.

Armorer Trainers[edit | edit source]

Armorer.jpg Novice: Tadrose Helas* Bravil Fighters Guild
Apprentice: Eitar The Dividing Line in Leyawiin
Journeyman: Rohssan A Fighting Chance in Imperial City Market District
Journeyman: Rasheda Fire and Steel in Chorrol
Master: Gin-Wulm**

*You have to be a member of the Fighters Guild.

**You have to read The Armorer´s Challenge.

Athletics Trainers[edit | edit source]

Athletics.jpg Apprentice: Uuras the Shepherd in the east of Skingrad
Apprentice: Mahei Leyawiin
Journeyman: Hauls-Ropes-Faster** The Fo'c's'le in Anvil Docks
Journeyman: Honditar Chorrol next to the great oak tree near the northern gate
Master: Rusia Bradus* Around Abandoned House in Anvil, or Silgor Bradus' House.

*She will only train you if you have found 30 locations on the world map.

**Only able to train from 2–5am in the Fo'c's'le.

Blade Trainers[edit | edit source]

Blade.jpg Novice: Naspia Cosma Castle Cheydinhal
Apprentice: Right-Wind** Bruma
Journeyman: Rhano** Anvil Fighters Guild
Journeyman: Sherina** Leyawiin Fighters Guild
Master: Alix Lencolia* Faregyl Inn northwest of Bravil

*He will only train you if either your fame or infamy reached 20.
**Must be a member of the Fighters Guild to receive training.

Block Trainers[edit | edit source]

Block.jpg Apprentice: Huurwen Anvil Fighters Guild
Apprentice: Fadus Calidius Skingrad Fighters Guild
Journeyman: Lum gro-Baroth Chorrol Fighters Guild
Journeyman: Ambroise Canne Western Skingrad
Master: Andragil* Bravil

*You'll have to pass a test of blocking before she'll train you.

Blunt Trainers[edit | edit source]

Blunt.jpg Apprentice: Bugak gro-Bol Southern Books in Leyawiin
Apprentice: Vigdis Anvil Fighters Guild
Journeyman: Azzan Anvil Fighters Guild
Journeyman: Christophe Marane Brina Cross Inn north of Anvil
Master: Irene Metrick* Irene Metrick's House in Elven Gardens District

*Required 50 NPC kills.

Conjuration Trainers[edit | edit source]

Conjuration.jpg Apprentice: Sulinus Vassinus Skingrad Mages Guild
Apprentice: Fathis Aren Bravil Mages Guild
Journeyman: Arentus Falvius Great Chapel of Talos in Bruma
Journeyman: Alberic Litte Chorrol Mages Guild
Master: Olyn Seran* Molag Bal's Shrine

*Must have the "Summon Faded Wraith" spell.

Destruction Trainers[edit | edit source]

Destruction.jpg Novice: Trayvond the Redguard Cheydinhal Mages Guild
Apprentice: J'skar Bruma Mages Guild
Journeyman: Delphine Jend Bravil Mages Guild
Journeyman: Marc Gulitte Anvil Mages Guild
Master: Bralsa Andaren* Wayshrine of Kynareth in the northeast of Skingrad, between Wind Cave and Fort Dirich

*Requires 20 bear pelts.

Hand-to-Hand Trainers[edit | edit source]

Hand-to-Hand.jpg Apprentice: Nahsi Bravil Fighters Guild
Apprentice: Rufrius Vinicius Anvil Fighters Guild
Journeyman: Davela Hlaren Imperial Bridge Inn, along the North bank of the Silverfish River
Journeyman: Ra'qanar Castle Cheydinhal
Master: Helvius Cecia* Bruma

*Must be beaten in hand-to-hand combat.

Heavy Armor Trainers[edit | edit source]

Heavy Armor.jpg Apprentice: Brodras Leyawiin Fighters Guild
Apprentice: Bumph gra-Gash Bruma Fighters Guild
Journeyman: Valus Odiil Odiil Farm southeast of Chorrol
Journeyman: Varnado The Best Defense in the Imperial City Market District
Master: Pranal* Roxey Inn along the northern bank of Lake Rumare

*Requires four Silver Glasses and one Silver Pitcher. The Chorrol Mages Guild has all of these items, and you can grab them without stealing once you've joined the Mages Guild: one of each lies on the table next to the entrance door, 2 of each on a shelf of the first floor library and an additional silver glass on a side table nearby. You can also find them in any Chapel, in the lower areas on the shelves; taking them is still not considered stealing.

Or simply go to the Imperial City Market District and buy the items from Jensine's "Good As New" Merchandise Three Brothers Trade Goods, or The Copious Coinpurse. It may require you to go to more than one of those stores, but you're guaranteed to get the Silver Pitcher and 4 Silver Glasses and he gives you the money anyway plus a tip.

Illusion Trainers[edit | edit source]

Illusion.jpg Apprentice: Jantus Brolus Istrius Brolus' House in Bruma
Apprentice: Hil the Tall Great Chapel of Arkay in Cheydinhal
Journeyman: Carahil Anvil Mages Guild
Journeyman: Kud-Ei Bravil Mages Guild
Master: Martina Floria* Arcane University in the Imperial City

*Requires 10 Welkynd Stones.

Light Armor Trainers[edit | edit source]

Light Armor.jpg Apprentice: Olfand Nord Winds in Bruma
Apprentice: Dul gro-Shug Elven Gardens District
Journeyman: Galena The Lonely Suitor Lodge in Bravil
Journeyman: Ahdarji Near the east gate in Leyawiin
Master: J'bari* J'bari's House in Leyawiin

*Requires an Elven Cuirass.

Marksman Trainers[edit | edit source]

Marksman.jpg Apprentice: Edla Dark-Heart Regner's House in Bruma
Apprentice: Shameer Shameer's House in Skingrad
Journeyman: Pinarus Inventius Anvil
Journeyman: Reman Broder Skingrad
Expert: Melliwin TD Dunbarrow Cove
Master: Alawen* Troll Candle Camp, east of Anvil

*Requires an Elven Bow.

Mercantile Trainers[edit | edit source]

Mercantile.jpg Apprentice: Foroch Gottshaw Inn to the south-west of Kvatch
Apprentice: Mach-Na Mach-Na's Books in Cheydinhal
Journeyman: Margarte Great Chapel of Zenithar in Leyawiin
Journeyman: Seed-Neeus Northern Goods and Trade in Chorrol
Expert: Khafiz TD Dunbarrow Cove
Master: Palonirya* Divine Elegance in the Market District of the Imperial City

*You must have 10,000 gold before receiving training.

Mysticism Trainers[edit | edit source]

Mysticism.jpg Apprentice: Angalmo Chorrol Mages Guild
Apprentice: Druja Skingrad Mages Guild
Journeyman: Boderi Farano Mystic Archives in the Imperial City Arcane University
Journeyman: Ita Rienus Bravil Mages Guild
Master: Dagail* Leyawiin Mages Guild

*Close at least three Oblivion Gates.

Restoration Trainers[edit | edit source]

Restoration.jpg Apprentice: Cirroc Great Chapel of Talos in Bruma
Apprentice: Marie Palielle Great Chapel of Julianos in Skingrad
Journeyman: Marz* Great Chapel of Mara in Bravil
Journeyman: Ohtesse** Great Chapel of Arkay in Cheydinhal
Master: Oleta*** Kvatch

*Marz dies in the "Nature's Fury" quest if the Knights of the Nine official expansion is downloaded. She is replaced by Apprentice level trainer Beem-Kiurz, however he does not provide information that directs the player to Oleta.

**Ohtesse dies in the The Sword of the Crusader if the Knights of the Nine official expansion is downloaded. She is replaced by Kinther, but like Beem-Kiurz, he does not direct the player to Oleta. Therefore, if Marz and Ohtesse dies, then all hopes of achieving Master Restoration training is lost if the player has not done so yet.

***Will train for helping to save Kvatch.

Security Trainers[edit | edit source]

Security.jpg Apprentice: Malintus Ancrus Chorrol
Apprentice: Areldil Talos Plaza District
Apprentice: Samuel Bantien Talos Plaza District
Journeyman: Dro'shanji His house or Andragil's House in Bravil
Journeyman: Mandil Anvil or Elven Gardens District
Expert: Tahm Blackwell TD Dunbarrow Cove
Master: J'baana* Imperial City Prison

*You must retrieve a message from S'Krivva in Bravil.

Sneak Trainers[edit | edit source]

Sneak.jpg Apprentice: City-Swimmer Bravil
Apprentice: Glistel Chorrol
Journeyman: Othrelos Elven Gardens District

Journeyman: Mirabelle Monet

The Fo'c's'le in Anvil
Expert: Kovan Kren TD Dunbarrow Cove
Master: Marana Rian* Temple District

*You must successfully steal a coin from her pocket to be able to train.

Speechcraft Trainers[edit | edit source]

Speechcraft.jpg Apprentice: Alga Honmund's House in Bruma
Apprentice: Uravasa Othrelas Great Chapel of Mara in Bravil
Journeyman: Varon Vamori His house in Bravil
Journeyman: Gruiand Garrana Great Chapel of Arkay in Cheydinhal
Expert: Jak Silver TD Dunbarrow Cove
Master: Tandilwe* Temple of the One in the Imperial City Temple District

*Requires talking to all the beggars in all the cities

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