Traitor's Post is a small dwelling in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


Traitor's Post is located east of Hollyfrost Farm, and is a two-story abandoned home occupied by leveled bandits. There are also multiple bear traps spread around the building.

If the Dragonborn climbs the rock formation behind the home, they can access the second floor of the building. To do so, climb the rocks on the back (north) side of the house, and jump to the roof to the right of the chimney. From there, jump to the roof of the attached room, and work your way to the top. Jump back to the main roof (this puts you on a higher level than you can reach otherwise), and climb to the southeast corner of the roof. Jump down through the missing part of the roof, and you have gained access to the second floor. There is a master locked chest with gold, a spell tome and some leveled loot. Alternatively, they may jump and activate a chair on the second floor from below, teleporting them onto the higher level. Two frost trolls are located nearby and come and attack if they spot anyone.

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  • A soul gem (leveled) can be found on the floor behind a barrel in the western corner of the first floor. It may be necessary to go into sneak to get low enough to get it.


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