"I must admit that my less-than-regal mind has yet to fully fathom the intricacies of King Ranser's plan. But instead of immediately striking out and attacking Emeric's forces, King Ranser ordered us to strengthen our position and prepare to defend the tor. "This tor shall be my throne!" King Ranser proclaimed. "From here, I shall rule for eternity!""
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Traitor's Tor is an abandoned fortress located in the region of Rivenspire, within the province of High Rock. Traitor's Tor was the last stand of King Ranser before he was killed by his traitorous general, hence the name.

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Traitor's Tor is situated in the Westmark Moor region and east of the modern-day city-state of Shornhelm. Traitor's Tor is a large fortress built on a hill that overlooks southern Rivenspire. It is built in a rectangular shape, with a tower in the center. All along the southern side are broken walls. There are five towers along the walls, two on each side of the gate, two on the west and east wall, and one on the northern wall. The nearest settlement to Traitor's Tor is the township of Hoarfrost Downs.


Second EraEdit

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After the devastating loss at the Battle of Markwasten Moor, King Ranser of Shornhelm gathered what little of his militia was left and traveled to a nameless tor that overlooked the destroyed city of Shornhelm. It was here Ranser decided to take drastic measures, by trying to turn his own soldiers into immortal warriors. The Orcish warriors continued to attack the Shornhelm warriors as Ranser started the ritual. But he was killed by General Dathieu, his loyal general, it triggered the ritual and turned everyone into undead warriors, standing at Ranser's side forever. Instead of pursuing the Daggerfall Covenant and High King Emeric, Ranser ordered his men to hold their position and defend the tor. Time eventually flew and the tor would be named Traitor's Tor.[1]

During the Interregnum in 2E 582, Scholar Cantier of Shornhelm traveled to Traitor's Tor, attempting to learn everything about Ranser's final bout. Cantier gained the help of a traveler who encountered the skull of General Dathieu, who would then show the traveler visions of the past, that led to Ranser's demise. With the information, the traveler gathered the bones of Dathieu and it resurrects both Dathieu and Ranser. In the end, Ranser was ultimately defeated and the spirits at Traitor's Tor were able to ascend into Aetherius. From that day on, Ranser's fate was told throughout Rivenspire and Traitor's Tor remained utterly abandoned.[2]




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