Traits are special properties added to a crafted weapon or armor by the use of gemstones. You can learn the traits by researching it at the crafting tables of blacksmithing, clothing, woodworking and jewelry. It is the last tab after deconstruction. There are 8 separate traits and gemstones for weapons and armor and 9 traits and gemstones for jewelry, making 25 researchable traits in total. You can have a trait property and an enchantment effect on the same item. Traits are combined while crafting the item, while enchantments have to be applied to the finished product.


Researching a trait is done at the crafting tables of blacksmithing, clothing, and woodworking. The item that is being researched will be destroyed in the process. You can only research one trait at a time per table. Unless skill points are used to advance the passive ability in Blacksmith (Metallurgy), Clothing (Stitching), and Woodworking (Carpentry) to increase up to 3 items and decrease the time it takes to finish. The first item you research takes 6 hours. Each item after doubles the cooldown time.

  • First Item = 6 hours
  • Second Item = 12 hours
  • Third Item = 1 day
  • And so on...

There are 2 traits that are not researchable: Ornate and Intricate. Ornate increases the gold value merchants will pay for an item and Intricate give you extra inspiration points when you deconstruct the item.


Gemstones are mainly found in Resource Nodes and also in containers such as barrels, crates, trunks, bookshelves, nightstands, and everything else that you can loot. You also have a chance to get a trait gemstone when you refine raw materials or by deconstructing an item with a trait applied. The gemstone you will receive will match the trait on an item you deconstructed.


Traits Properties Gemstone Image
Charged Increase your chance to apply status effects Amethyst Amethyst Online
Defending Increases Physical and Spell Resistance Turquoise Turquoise
Infused Increases weapon enchantment effect and reduces enchantment cooldown Jade Jade
Nirnhoned Increase weapon damage Potent Nirncrux Potent Nirncrus
Powered Increases healing done Chysolite Chysolite
Precises Increase Weapon and Spell Critical values Ruby Ruby Online
Sharpened Increase Physical and Spell Penetration Fire Opal Fire Opal
Training Increase experience gained from kills Carnelian Carnelian
Decisive When you gain Ultimate you have a chance to gain 1 additional Ultimate Citrine Citrine


Traits Properties Gemstone Image
Divines Increase Mundus Stone effects Sapphire Sapphire Online
Invigorating Increase health, stamina, and magicka recovery Garnet Garnet Online
Well-Fitted Reduces the cost of sprinting and roll dodging Almandine Almandine
Training Increase experience gained from kills Emerald Emerald (Online)
Impenetrable Increase Critical resistance and enchanted item takes 50% less durability damage Diamond Diamond (Online)
Infused Increase this item's armor enchantment effect Bloodstone Bloodstone
Reinforced Increases this item's Armor value Sardonyx Sardonyx
Sturdy Reduces block cost Quartz Quartz
Nirnhoned Increase physical and spell resistance Fortified Nirncrux [?]


Traits Properties Image Unrefined Gemstone Gemstone Image
Arcane Increases Magicka Pulverized Cobalt (Online) Pulverized Cobalt Cobalt Cobalt (Online)
Healthy Increases Health Pulverized Antimony (Online) Pulverized Antimony Antimony Antimony (Online)
Robust Increases Stamina Pulverized Zinc (Online) Pulverized Zinc Zinc Zinc (Online)
Triune Increases Health, Stamina, and Magicka Pulverized Dawn-Prism (Online) Pulverized Dawn-Prism Dawn-Prism Dawn-Prism (Online)
Harmony Increases the power of activated Synergy effects Pulverized Dibellium (Online) Pulverized Dibellium Dibellium Dibellium (Online)
Swift Increases your non-mounted movement speed Pulverized Gilding Wax (Online) Pulverized Gilding Wax Gilding Wax Gilding Wax (Online)
Infused Increases the power of the Enchantment on that piece of Jewelry Pulverized Aurbic Amber (Online) Pulverized Aurbic Amber Aurbic Amber Aurbic Amber (Online)
Protective Increases Physical and Spell Resistance Pulverized Titanium (Online) Pulverized Titanium Titanium Titanium (Online)
Bloodthirsty Increases the damage you deal to foes under 25% health Pulverized Slaughterstone (Online) Pulverized Slaughterstone Slaughterstone Slaughterstone (Online)


  • Nirnhoned equipment can be obtained by completing the questline in Upper Craglorn.[1]
  • Invigorating trait replaced Prosperous, an Armor trait that increased the amount of gold picked up from enemies, which was added as part of the The Elder Scrolls Online: Dark Brotherhood update. This trait has previously replaced Exploration and increased experience recieved from discovering locations.[2]


  • Update 8: Fixed an issue which was preventing the Divines Armor Trait from applying properly to the Health Recovery bonus provided by The Steed.[3]