Tralas Rendas is a Dunmer priest who resides at the Maar Gan Shrine. He is a novice ranked member of the Tribunal Temple. He offers a unique blessing to the Nerevarine.


Pilgrimage to Maar GanEdit

Make a pilgrimage to Maar Gan to show your faith in the Tribunal.

Find Beden GiladrenEdit

Find the location of a missing pilgrim.


Find Beden Giladren

"Welcome to Maar Gan, Nerevarine (Player name). I'm Tralas Rendas. Maar Gan is the site of the holy Tower shrine, favorite place of pilgrimage for the Temple faithful. Can I help you find someone in particular."

Beden Giladren "Well, maybe. An Ashlander came here the other day demanding tribute for the esteemed noble "Beden Giladren" or somesuch. I didn't know of any Redoran noble by that name, so I just passed the report on. The Ashlander said to go west out of Maar Gan along the road towards the mountains and then head south along the mountains to get to his camp."

After rescuing Beden:

Beden Giladren "I heard you rescued the pilgrim. I guess the Ashlander that came here demanding ransom for a famous noble was confused."

Pilgrimage to Maar Gan

"If you are on the pilgrimage here, I may assist you. Do you want the blessings of the Temple?"

blessings "Do you want the blessings of the Tribunal?"
Yes. "Very well. Stand still."
No. "If you need assistance, speak with me."

Upon completing the pilgrimage:

"You have completed the Pilgrimage to the Shrine of Maar Gan."


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