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Eleven drops of the tincture? No, no, no. Seven. Seven drops. No more, no less.

Do not oversaturate the paste with tincture.

I need more ground pearl powder. Gadris had some. I need to borrow it. It's for a good cause, but I wish he did not get so cross. Always going on about not wasting time or ingredients. His middle name must be Tightwad.

Odd that scathecraw dust had the effect it did, but this finding is very useful. Very useful, indeed. Never knew the dried leaves made such a fine powder. Hadn't intended for the leaves to dry out, though. Just another of those useful accidents that make me a brilliant alchemist!

Scathecraw hard to come by here. Possible substitutes need to be investigated.

Dried mort flesh is not a good substitute. Pity. Lots of that around here. Poor deformed creatures. I would feel more pity for them if they weren't trying to kill us.

So, seven drops of pearl tincture. Three precise pinches of dried scathecraw. One dram of purified water. Dried blood.

You never know when you might need a potion to make you small!


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