"Sell to a merchant for gold."
―Item description[src]

Trash are items in The Elder Scrolls Online found mostly as a loot from killed creatures or in containers. They can either be sold to a merchant for GoldIcon or used in quests such as "Morsels and Pecks" and "Nibbles and Bits." Their price is leveled with the exception of Used Bait (worth 0 GoldIcon).

List of trashEdit

Image Item Source
Cassiterite Sand Ash Burnt containers and urns
Carapace Carapace Arthropods and chitinous creatures
Charcoal Online Charcoal Burnt containers
Clockwork Oscillator Clockwork Oscillator Factotums and Fabricants
Daedra Husk Daedra Husk Lesser Daedra
Dwemer Gear Online Dwarven Gear Animunculi and containers in Dwemer ruins
Ectoplasm eso Ectoplasm Ghostly undead
Flour Online Elemental Essence Atronachs
Foul Hide Foul Hide Hostile beasts
Gnawed Bone Gnawed Bone Urns
Membrane Online Membrane Netches
Supple Root Supple Root Lurchers, spriggans and stranglers
SimpleBait Used Bait Fishing
Vampire Dust Online Vampire Dust Vampires
Vampire Fang Online Vampire Fang Vampires


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