Not to be confused with Travelling Merchants or Traveling Pilgrim.
"My wares? I, uh... Oh so sorry, I'm all sold out."
―Traveling Merchant

Traveling Merchant is a radiant character in The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard. The Traveling Merchant is part of the Dawnguard radiant quest, Hide and Seek or the vampire radiant quest "The Hunt." The Dragonborn is required to kill them as they are a member of the opposing faction in disguise.


The HuntEdit

The Dragonborn is tasked with killing a Dawnguard spy.


The Hunt


Show me your wares, "merchant." "My wares? I, uh... Oh so sorry, I'm all sold out
You're no merchant. "I beg your pardon, sir. I don't know what you're getting at, but whatever it is, it's not appreciated."
Come with me, "merchant." "Why? What do you want?"
I'll take you to the monster you're hunting. (Persuade)
"You've mistaken me for someone who cares about you and your problems. Find someone else." (Failure)
"Monster? What monster? Don't know what you're game is, but I'll humor for a moment. Lead the way. Take me to this "monster" of yours. But I'm warning you, do anything funny, and you'll regret it." (Success)
Follow me, or you'll regret it. (Intimidate)
"I'm not so easily coerced. I've got my eye on you. Try anything, and you will be the one who regrets it." (Failure)
"Settle down. No need for threats. Lead the way. But I'm warning you, I'm not afraid to fight you if I have to." (Success)


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