Treasure Hunt icon (Legends)
"Each creature with Treasure Hunt has a list of things it's looking for. While a treasure hunter is in play, it checks every card you draw on your turn to see if it's on the list. Once you've drawn all of those cards, you receive the listed effect. The cards do not need to be drawn in the same turn. The effect only happens once."
―Game Terms[src]

Treasure Hunt is a gameplay mechanic in The Elder Scrolls: Legends added with the Return to Clockwork City expansion.


The following list includes cards with the keyword itself, as well as any cards that are related to it:

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Name Attributes Power Health Cost Type Subtype Rarity Text
Icon legends neutral Neutral 5 Support Ongoing Rare Treasure Hunt – Three Icon legends neutral cards: Sacrifice Abandoned Imperfect to summon an 8/8 Awakened Imperfect with Guard and Breakthrough to the lane of your choice.
Icon legends strength Strength 3 3 3 Creature Nord Unique legendary Treasure Hunt – Action, Creature, Item, Support: +6/+6
When a friendly treasure hunter finds something, summon Skywag or give Skywag +1/+1.
Icon legends endurance Endurance 2 4 3 Creature Imperial Common Treasure Hunt – Guard: Give the Guard +1/+2.
Icon legends agility Agility 4 2 3 Creature Goblin Common Treasure Hunt – 0-cost card: Put a copy of the "treasure" into your hand.
Icon legends strength Strength 1 2 1 Creature Wood Elf Rare Treasure Hunt – Support, Item, Action: +5/+5.
After Ratway Prospector attacks, give her Cover.
Icon legends strength Strength 3 2 2 Creature Redguard Common Treasure Hunt – Item: Give the item +1/+1.
Icon legends willpower Willpower 2 5 3 Creature High Elf Common Treasure Hunt – Support: Draw a card.
Icon legends agility Agility 2 2 2 Creature Khajiit Common Treasure Hunt – Drain: +1/+1 and Drain.
Treasure Hunt – Lethal: +1/+1 and Lethal.
Icon legends intelligence Intelligence 1 2 1 Creature Breton Common Ward
Treasure Hunt – Two actions:
Icon legends neutral Neutral 3 Item Rare +1/+1
Summon: Draw a card. If the wielder has Treasure Hunt, draw something they are hunting for instead.


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