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Treasure Hunter's Note (Skyrim) is a book in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Locations[edit | edit source]

  • North of Embershard Mine (across the river), and east of Anise's Cabin near the stairs that lead to an iron ore vein. The note is in the inventory of a dead treasure hunter just north of the waterfall closest to Riverwood.
  • South of Purewater Run. The note is carried by a dead Treasure Hunter.
  • Between Stillborn Cave and Journeyman's Nook. Imagine a straight line on the map between the 2 places. A dead treasure hunter can be found along that line. The note is in the dead treasure hunter's inventory.
  • Southeast of Ragnvald Temple, in a Treasure Hunter's inventory. 

Contents[edit | edit source]

I'm close to finding the <Alias=Item>. I've tracked it down to <Alias=Dungeon>. It's apparently guarded by a <Alias.ShortName=Boss>.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Reading this note starts a Miscellaneous Quest to go to the specified location and get the item.

Possible aliases[edit | edit source]

A dead Treasure Hunter

Item: Elven Dagger of Blizzards
Dungeon: Secunda's Shelf
Boss: Giant
Item: Orcish War Axe of Binding
Dungeon: Chillwind Depths
Boss: Falmer Nightprowler
Item: Steel Sword of Cold
Dungeon: Knifepoint Ridge
Boss: Bandit Chief
Item: Hunting Bow of Binding
Dungeon: Cronvangr Cave
Boss: Giant Frostbite Spider
Item: Ebony Mace of the Inferno
Dungeon: Broken Tower Redoubt
Boss: Forsworn Briarheart
Item: Iron Sword of Soul Snares
Dungeon: Brittleshin Pass
Boss: Apprentice Necromancer
Item: Imperial Bow of Burning
Dungeon: Bloated Man's Grotto
Boss: Wolf
Item: Iron Battleaxe of Chills
Dungeon: Silverdrift Lair
Boss: Draugr Overlord
Item: Iron War Axe of Reaping
Dungeon: Lost Echo Cave
Boss: Falmer Shadowmaster
Item: Elven Mace of Harrowing
Dungeon: Chillwind Depths
Boss: Falmer Nightprowler
Item: Blessed Steel War Axe
Dungeon: Falkreath Tower (Crossroads Watchtower)
Boss: Master Necromancer
Item: Glass War Axe of Blizzards
Dungeon: Steamcrag Camp
Boss: Giant
Item: Orcish Greatsword of Burning
Dungeon: Gloomreach
Boss: Falmer Shadowmaster
Item: Dwarven Bow of Animus
Dungeon: Clearspring Tarn
Boss: Troll
Item: Iron War Axe of Souls
Dungeon: Bloodlet Throne
Boss: Master Vampire
Item: Hunting Bow of Arcing
Dungeon: Moldering Ruins
Boss: Master Vampire
Item: Hunting Bow of Shocks
Dungeon: Yngvild
Boss: Arondil
Item: Glass Mace of Lightning
Dungeon: Honeystrand Grove
Boss: Bear
Item: Iron Mace of Chills
Dungeon: Southfringe Sanctum
Boss: Necromancer Adept
Item: Glass Sword of Fear
Dungeon: High Gate Ruins
Boss: Vokun
Item: Ebony Sword of Leeching
Dungeon: Rebel's Cairn
Boss: Red Eagle
Item: Iron Warhammer of Arcing
Dungeon: Coldcinder Cave (Solsthiem)
Boss: Ash Spawn

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The item and the boss encountered are both leveled to the Dragonborn (at the time they received the note and the quest was started).
  • The spelling of Coldcinder Cave is incorrect in both the journal and note, instead being spelled "Colcinder Cave."

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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