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This shall be my masterwork, an accounting of everything I know about the ores, metals, and alloys of Tamriel.

First: Iron, in all its many and wondrous varieties.

We begin with Bog Iron which, true to its name, is "mined" by digging in ferrous peat, within which pea-sized nodules of ore can be found by the assiduous bog-iron seeker. Bog iron is prized because iron forged from its ore is often highly resistant to rusting, which naturally makes it perfect for a variety of applications.

Then there is Cold Iron, which can be found throughout the frozen mountains of Skyrim. Even after it is worked and forged, this unique metal retains a chill that keeps it cold to the touch—regardless of the temperature around it. Cold Iron has a number of uses, and holds enchantments very well.

In my travels I have also come across a mysterious metal. I'm not sure if it's iron, as my encounter with this strange ore was rather brief and interrupted by the sudden appearance of trolls ….


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