"'Twas alot of fightin' afore the Armistice got signed. It's pretty quiet now. Maybe too quiet. Like a calm afore a storm."
―A Dunmer sergeant[src]

The Armistice was a treaty signed between the Third Empire and Morrowind, resulting in Morrowind becoming a province of the Empire. Originally, the Dunmer had refused to join the Empire, but after a short military invasion, the treaty was hastily signed,[1] with Vivec personally having negotiated with Tiber Septim for the terms.[2] During the Fourth Era, the Armistice was considered "old", and its terms were believed to no longer be applied.[3][4]


  • Imperial Law and Great House Law coexist in the province.[5][6]
    • On occassion where Imperial and Great House Law conflict, the Armistice regulated the outcome, in favor of the Dunmer Great House government.[5]
  • Morrowind had the permission to define its own laws and customs.[7]
  • Slavery, while outlawed in the rest of the Empire, was legal and protected by local custom, the Great Houses, and thus, the Armistice.[8][9]
  • There would be a policy of noninterfention with the Tribunal Temple of Morrowind, including the validation of their religious beliefs.[10]
    • The Ordinators had the permission to persecute both heretics and Dissident Priests.[11]
  • Vvardenfell would remain a Temple district, until the King of Morrowind revoked the term.[12]
  • Within Morrowind, necromancy was outlawed, and practicing it was punishable by death.[13]
  • A central authority would be formed in Morrowind, in the form of a monarch. The first monarch would be Barenziah and her consort, Symmachus.[14]


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