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Trebuchet is a type of siege weapon available for use in The Elder Scrolls Online.


Each Alliance has three types of Trebuchets available:

  • Stone Trebuchet – Deals high damage to buildings and enemies.
  • Firepot Trebuchet – Deals flame damage over time to enemies.
  • Iceball Trebuchet – Deals cold damage to enemies and reduces their movement speed for a few seconds.
  • Cold Stone Trebuchet – Deals extremely high damage to buildings, structures and enemies – deals the highest initial damage out of all siege weapons. These weapons can only be obtained from Dark Anchor chests.
  • Cold Fire Trebuchet – Deals Coldfire damage to enemies and very high damage to structures. These weapons can only be obtained from Dark Anchor chests.


Trebuchets are tough and have a long range. Due to their long radius, they can shoot enemies behind walls easily and can even hit the Inner Postern Walls of keeps if they are placed correctly. Among all the siege weapons, the Cold Stone Trebuchet does the highest damage to walls and other structures for each hit, with around 5,000 damage per hit, but it is somewhat rare. Firepot and Iceball Trebuchets are better for attacking enemy players than keep walls, but they are outnumbered by Ballistae due to their faster reload time. All types of trebuchets have a long reload timer and cannot shoot targets in close range, unlike the Ballista and the Catapult.

Trebuchets are ideal for attacking due to their long range and very high damage, but it is recommended for trebuchets to be accompanied by ballistae or catapults when attacking as trebuchets cannot fire in close range.