Not to be confused with Trelam Falvani.
"Help me, please! They've stolen my Iriana."

Trelan is a Redguard residing at his campsite on the island of Stros M'Kai. When the Vestige first encounters him, he is injured and lying in the remains of his camp, located north of Saintsport.


Last NightEdit

The Vestige stumbles onto the ruins of a campsite by the beach. According to Trelan, Sea Drakes attacked and kidnapped his two companions the night before. He then asks the Vestige to come with him and raid the Sea Drake Camp, and free Iriana and Shamal.


"Help me, please! They've stolen my Iriana."

What happened? "A horde of damn Sea Drakes attacked our camp. They kidnapped Iriana, left me and the rest for dead. Please, rescue her!"
Where did they go? "They took her over the hill, to their camp around the shipwreck. Shamal too. Maybe they're already dead!"
I'll go look for them. Tell me about Iriana. "She's the love of my life! I promised to take her away from Stros M'Kai. Then the Sea Drakes attacked and took her and Shamal. I'll never see her again!"
Why didn't you stop the Sea Drakes? "We fought but there were too many of them. I protected Iriana as long as I could but I got knocked out. I saw them dragging her away as I fell."
Why don't you rescue her? "I can barely move. Those bastards left me for dead and took Iriana. I'd never get anywhere near her."
Who's Shamal? "He's a Khajiiti bard, a friend of ours. When I came to, he was gone. Maybe they've killed him already."

At the end of the quest:

"That was neatly done, the way you got Iriana and Shamal back."

You're welcome. What will you do now? "That Sea Drake attack was the last straw. Iriana and I are going back to town and not leaving until we find a ship off this damned rock."




  • "You're not changing your mind, are you? Please don't!"― If spoken to after initating the quest


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