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Not to be confused with Treva's Farm.
"I will take back my family's castle."

Treva's Watch is a fort in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The fort is located west of Riften, along the river, nearly halfway to Ivarstead.

The gate is barred, but the fort can be entered by climbing the rocks along the east side of the wall. Followers will likely not be able to gain entry that way, but the gate can be opened using the lever in the small shack by the well in the northwest corner of the courtyard.

Entry can also be gained via the Treva's Watch Escape Tunnel, along the road a bit east of the fort next to Stalleo and his bodyguards. There is also a ladder from the upper room in the tower, leading outside to the top of the tower, where fast traveling is possible.


Notable items[]

  • Twin Secrets (Enchanting), Spell Tome: Courage – on the table next to the enchanting table. Just beyond the alcove, the passage turns to the west and passes a doorway on the left, which is where the bandit chief will be found if not previously alerted to the Dragonborn's presence. In this room is an unowned double bed, a dresser, a tall wardrobe, an unlocked chest and a long wooden table with a copy of the Spell Tome: Bound Sword on top.