Tri-Focus is a passive skill in the Destruction Staff skill line in The Elder Scrolls Online.


  • Update 1: Increased the amount of splash damage from shock effects that this passive ability gives.[1]
  • Update 3: Tri-Focus Freeze: Enemies snared by this ability now show a snared visual effect.[2]
  • Update 5: Tri Focus Rank II: Fixed an issue where this ability wasn't providing an increased critical strike chance for fire staff users.[3]
  • Update 6: This passive now grants a damage bonus of 8% at Rank I, and 15% at Rank II to heavy attacks when the caster is using a fire staff. This passive also now adds splash damage equal to 10% at Rank I, and 20% at Rank II, of the damage of the attack when a caster using a lightning staff uses a heavy attack.[4]
  • Update 7: The Lightning Staff bonus attack now hits up to 6 targets instead of 2 targets.[5]
  • Update 7: Heavy Frost attacks now grant a damage shield for 4/8% of your maximum health.[5]
  • Update 7: Heavy Shock attacks now deal 50/100% of the final pulse damage to nearby enemies with a maximum of 6 targets, using a radius falloff.[5]



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