Trius' Trinket is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Trius asks the Dragonborn to find his jewelry box that is inside a shipwreck near his camp. It is an unfinished quest as Trius himself does not appear in the game.


  1. Search the wreck for a jewelry box
  2. Return the box to Trius for the promised reward


When the Dragonborn first meets Trius, he will ask him to help retrieve his lost jewelry box from the shipwreck below. As a reward, He promises to teach the Dragonborn a unique spell. When searching for the box, remember to take any loot the Dragonborn may come across. After finding the box, return to Trius. As promised, Trius will teach the Dragonborn a new and unique spell.


Trius' Trinket – dunShipwreck04QST
IDJournal Entry
10Trius has asked me to search the wreck below for a jewelry box. Any other loot I find is mine.
  • Objective 10: Search the wreck below for the jewelry box.
  • Objective 20: Return the box to Trius for the promised reward.
100I've given the box to Trius and he has rewarded me with a new spell.
  • Quest complete
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