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"Trolls are shaggy, green-skinned creatures which are often set to guard areas by high level mages. They are generally stupid, but regenerate any damage done to them quickly. Killing a troll is almost impossible, for doing so would require that the damage was done in such a way as to destroy the flesh, rather than sever it."
―Official Arena Game Guide[UL 2]

Trolls are creatures encountered in The Elder Scrolls: Arena.


Troll (Arena)
Attributes[UL 1]
Strength 80
Intelligence 40
Willpower 60
Agility 80
Speed 50
Endurance 90
Personality 30
Luck 50

Trolls are savage creatures encountered in the wilderness and dungeons. They appear as brownish, large, hairy monsters who use their arms to crush foes.

These creatures are most commonly encountered in dungeons, including some quests during the middle of the Main Quest line. However, they also will appear in cities during the night, or sent by Jagar Tharn to slay the Eternal Champion.

Confronting Trolls when at medium levels (estimated 4–10) can be troublesome, as these creatures can deal dangerous damage to unprepared opponents. However, at higher levels, Trolls should naturally lose their significance and become a lesser enemy.

Trolls would be just moderately strong monsters if were not for their Regenerate Health ability - in order to defeat a Troll, it is necessary not only to hurt its flesh, but to destroy it. Therefore, Mages will not have problems dealing with Trolls.

They are first encountered during the quest "Fang Lair", in the structure of same name. Trolls are between Zombies and Wraiths in terms of power.



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