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A Troll is a creature found in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. They are commonly found in the Blackwood forest in particular, but are also fairly common all along the Niben River, the Nibenay Basin, and the Nibenay Valley. Generally, they are more common the farther south along the Niben. They can also be encountered on occasion in the Heartlands and the Great Forest.


Azhklan TrollEdit

Tougher than its Green troll counterpart.

Kalperklan TrollEdit

Trolls that enjoy water in Tidewater Cave, as part of the Shrine of Nocturnal's quest. Often found carrying calipers, which can be useful if you're doing the Shivering Isles quest "Work is Never Done."

Painted TrollEdit

Main article: Painted Troll

Painted Trolls are trolls painted by the thief in Rythe Lythandas' painting. Painted Troll Fat can be taken from their bodies when they are killed, which is a rare alchemical ingredient found only during the quest "A Brush With Death."

Savage TrollEdit

They dwell in the Forsaken Mine south of Leyawiin, and Nonwyll Cavern, north of Chorrol. Grand soul level of 1,600.

Swamp TrollEdit

Lives in Swampy Cave on the Reed River, south west of Cheydinhal.

Uderfrykte MatronEdit

Main article: Uderfrykte Matron

The Uderfrykte Matron is a unique troll and mother of the original Uderfrykte from Bloodmoon. She can be found east of Dive Rock near Agnar's corpse.


A Brush With DeathEdit

Enter a man's painting world and kill all the painted trolls inside.


Unique opponents that enjoy water in Tidewater Cave.

Trolls of Forsaken MineEdit

Clear out the Forsaken Mine in this Fighters Guild quest.


Troll fat is needed to start this quest.

Mystery at Harlun's WatchEdit

You need to slay all of the Swamp Trolls.



  • A reference to the children's tale Three Billy Goats Gruff can be found in Oblivion, with a dead troll found under a bridge southeast of Bravil. A poorly scrawled note details how "No one would pay the bridge toll. Troll drown." There is a similar occurrence in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.
  • According to Weebam-Na, trolls do not like water.[1]


Troll Attack Oblivion
Length: 1.3 sec
Description: Troll Attack Sound


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  •  360   Hitting the Troll will cause its jaw to float above its head, still connected by a strand of flesh. Killing it will cause the jaw to return to normal.



  1. Dialogue with Bejeen during the quest "Nocturnal"
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