"I understand Oreyn is looking for you again. Get to Chorrol and speak with the man."
Azzan and Burz gro-Khash[src]

Trolls of Forsaken Mine is a quest in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. A group of Fighters Guild members had been sent to the Forsaken Mine to clear out some trolls, yet they haven't been heard from since. Modryn Oreyn wants the Hero to investigate.


After Modryn has told everything the Hero needs to know, head to Forsaken Mine and notice that the mine is devoid of life as soon as they are inside, aside from the trolls, rats, and a few mudcrabs that inhabit it.

While exploring the mine and eliminating savage trolls, they'll come across the dead bodies of several Fighters Guild members and a Blackwood Company Member. If the Hero is proficient in heavy armor, they can use the high-quality Blackwood Armor he's wearing.

Trolls of Forsaken Mine Dead

Viranus and Eduard are dead

Head into the Forsaken Mine Lost Passages. Continue fighting more Savage Trolls and eventually the body of Viranus Donton will be discovered.

Examine his body and read A Bloody Journal. Apparently, as the Fighters Guild members were clearing out the mine, Blackwood Company members came in and fought them. Many on both sides were killed by either the Savage Trolls or by the Blackwood members.

Return to Oreyn with this information for the reward.


Journal Entry
  • Update: Upon receiving the quest:

I have been told to report to Modryn Oreyn for assigned duties.

  • Update: After reporting to Oreyn:

Modryn Oreyn has given me another duty to perform. A band of fighters was contracted to clear the Forsaken Mine of trolls, but none of them have been heard from, including Viranus Donton. I am to go investigate.

  • Update: After finding the body of Viranus:

I found Viranus Donton dead. I should look for clues as to what happened here.

  • Update: If the Hero returns to Oreyn and tells him about Viranus' death before reading his journal:

I've told Oreyn that Viranus Donton is dead. He wants me to go back to Forsaken Mine and find proof of what happened.

  • Update: After reading his journal:

I've found a journal that Viranus Donton kept during his final days. In it, he describes how the mission went well until the Blackwood Company arrived. They battled, and he survived, gravely wounded. It appears he finally succumbed to his wounds. I should report this to Oreyn.

  • Update: After returning with the journal to Oreyn:

Oreyn was both angered and saddened by what I told him. He has asked that I allow him to tell Vilena Donton the news about her son. Until then, he suggests I find contract work to do.

  • Quest complete


  • After completing this quest talk to Azzan; he will say that Oreyn was kicked out of the guild and they now have been demoted to the rank of Defender. After being demoted, travel to Cheydinhal and complete the quests Burz gro-Khash has. After completing Mystery at Harlun's Watch, he will restore the Guardian rank.

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