Trueflame and Hopesfire

Trueflame and Hopesfire are artifact swords found in the Tribunal expansion to Morrowind, the third Elder Scrolls game.

Both are one handed long blades. Trueflame is a ancient weapon created for Saint Nerevar by the Dwarven King as a wedding gift when he married Almalexia. It is constantly on fire and is exremely deadly. Almalexia posseses its twin HopesFire, also crafted by Dwarves as a wedding gift. In order to get Trueflame, you must complete the Tribunal missions to the point that Almalexia instructs you to recreate the destroyed blade by finding the various pieces scattered around Mournhold. When the sword is rebuilt, you then need to venture into the dwarven ruins beneath the city and have it modified by the dwarf spectre within. From this point on the blade is constantly burning, where as prior to this the blade is simply a blade. While burning, it gains a fire damage enchantment, the base power of all the attack types increases and the sword will act as a light source while equipped.

Trueflame deals 15-60 normal damage max before burning, and 20-75 normal damage, plus 40 fire damage while burning.

Hopesfire is also burning, although it's fire is blue, and presumably represents it's lightning, instead of fire, like Trueflame. Hopesfire is obtained at the end of the Tribunal missions when Almalexia attempts to kill you after you discover the dead Sotha Sil.

Hopesfire deals 30pts of Shock damage and hits 30-70 max.

They are both valued at 150,000.

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