Tsarrina is a member of the Sirens, an all female gang of thieves that operates out of Anvil.


Along with Signy Home-Wrecker and Faustina Cartia, she and the gang attract married men into the wilderness to rob them of their valuables. She resides on Gweden Farm southwest of Anvil.


The Siren's DeceptionEdit

Maelona wants the Hero to help her husband Gogan by defeating a gang of women who lure men outside of town to rob them. She promises a 100 gold to get back a ring Grogan lost. Travel to The Flowing Bowl for more information.

Started in Anvil through a rumor, undercover agents of the Anvil Watch are working to track down an all-female band of thieves that seduce married men, lure them out of town, and rob them.

She will attack on-site, regardless of the Hero's stage in the quest. She will come from the basement of the farm when called upon by Faustina.


  • Her name might have been inspired by Tsarmina, a female anthropomorphic wildcat tyrant who was the main villain in the fantasy novel Mossflower, of the Redwall Series.


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