"Don't call us mounts. Nobody mounts a Senche-raht. Riders shut up and follow where we lead, or they land whiskers-first in the mud. If you want a mount, go buy a dumb animal."

Tsazura is a Senche-raht breed of Khajiit residing in Rimmen in Northern Elsweyr. She can be found at Rimmen Stables.


  • "You're new, yes? Here's some advice. Don't ask a Senche-raht for permission to ride bareback. It is weirder for us than it is for you"
  • "A Dagi made fun of Tsazura once. Joked about this one's lack of opposable thumbs. So Tsazura bit his hands off. What's funnier than a Senche-raht with no thumbs? A Dagi with no hands. Right?"


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