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Tu'whacca is the Yokudan god of souls, also known as the Tricky God, the Shepherd of Souls, The Caretaker of the Far Shores[1] and patron of mages.[2] He was among the first et'Ada to practice the Walkabout, along with Tall Papa.[3] Before the creation of the world, Tu'whacca was the god of Nobody Really Cares. It was when Tall Papa undertook the creation of the Walkabout that Tu'whacca found purpose in becoming caretaker of the Far Shores, helping Redguards to the afterlife.[4] Tu'whacca's cult is associated with Arkay in the regions of Hammerfell where the population includes more people from outside of the province.[4]

Tu'whacca has been worshipped by the Redguards since before the sinking of Yokuda.[5] He was still worshipped by the Crowns during the Second Era, and was worshipped by them in 2E 582.[UL 1]

He has a temple in the Alik'r Desert called Tu'whacca's Throne. It is said that the view from this temple over the desert is incredible. It functions both as a holy place and as a burial ground. The victims of the sinking of Yokuda are enshrined here, and pilgrims often come to visit the graves of the Redguard kings that were buried in this necropolis.[1]



  • It is common in Hammerfell to say "Tu'whacca bless you" when a person sneezes, so as to ward off evil spirits.[6]



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