"Once the sun goes down, it's just me and the dogs. They keep me warm, and don't talk too much."

Tulvur is a Nord farmer, who lives and works at Hollyfrost Farm. He will buy wheat from the Dragonborn.


Farming equipment replacementEdit

Tulvur: "Sir, I'm going to need some better equipment if you want me plowing the frost."
Torsten: "Like what?"
Tulvur: "Well, some tools that aren't rusted through would be a start."
Torsten: "I'll provide you wood and timber to make whatever riggings you'll need."
Tulvur: "I'm not building a ship, sir. I'm trying to make things grow."

Condition of Hollyfrost FarmEdit

Torsten: "Tulvur! I've just completed inspection of the farmhouse."
Tulvur: "Oh?"
Torsten: "It's filthy in there! Dirt everywhere, and it looks like the dogs have the run of the place."
Tulvur: "Well, sir, it's a farmhouse. It's not going to be as clean as your house in the city."
Torsten: "I just know that our sailors are able to keep their ship quarters clean, and I expect the same of you."
Tulvur: "I'll do my best, sir."

Life at Hollyfrost FarmEdit

Hillevi: "How have things been with you?"
Tulvur: "I got another harangue from Torsten yesterday."
Hillevi: "Don't worry about him. I know you work hard, and I'm the one who gets you your money."
Tulvur: "Thank you, miss, I appreciate that."
Hillevi: "And what about the dogs? How are those precious little angels?"
Tullvur: "Healthy and strong. Ysgramor's coat's gotten so thick, he looks fat!"
Hillevi: "Oh, that's just adorable.
The preceding conversation never occurs in-game because Hillevi never goes to Hollyfrost Farm.[1]


  • "Master Cruel-Sea comes and works the fields sometimes. I don't think the Mistress likes it, but she won't come out here to catch him."
  • "I wonder if I could put the dogs to work somehow. But I don't really have the heart to force them."
  • "Once the sun goes down, it's just me and the dogs. They keep me warm, and don't talk too much."



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