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"Tumnosh is my clan and Graystone is out quarry."
Forge-Wife Kharza[src]

Tumnosh Clan is one of the Orsimer clans present in Wrothgar in 2E 582. It was lead by the Chief Ramash and his wives - Forge-Wife Kharza and Hunt-Wife Bolgar.

Tumnosh Clan specialized in providing stone for the rest of the Wrothgar. Tumnosh Clanhold was located just uphill from the Graystone Quarry where the clan worked. Stone from the quarry was on high demand because of Kurog's high ambitions to build the great Orsimer city of Second Orsinium.

Requests from the city, however, did not appease the majority of the clan, as in order to fill the order members of the clan has to work themselves to exhaustion.

Clan's chief as well as the eldest members remained traditionalist and worshiped Malacath. The clan remained cautious against outsiders, but were not unreasonably hostile and accepted them among their kind. Some of the youngest members like Shabon and Sharfum, however, took interest in less traditional practices, like worship of Trinimac.


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