Tumuthag is an Orsimer found in the city of Orsinium, near the Guild Traders. He occasionally talks with Thegshakul about current events.

Conversations[edit | edit source]

After "Invitation to Orsinium"


After "Long Live the King"

Tumuthag: "Have you heard what happened? King Kurog is dead!"
Thegshakul: "Really? How in Malacath's name does a king get murdered in his own city?"
Tumuthag: "Lucky, I guess. But we have a new king."
Thegshakul: "A new king? That's mighty brave of someone. And who is our new king?"
Tumuthag: "Chief Bazrag. Or should I say King Bazrag? He's wearing the crown now."
Thegshakul: "I bet that crown hurts. It looks pretty solid and heavy."
Tumuthag: "I think he'll make a good king. Better than what Kurog turned to in the end."
Thegshakul: "Let's go see what this new king looks like. I bet he's a giant!"

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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