Tumuthag is an Orsimer found in the city of Orsinium, near the Guild Traders. He occasionally talks with Thegshakul about current events.


After "Invitation to Orsinium"
After "Long Live the King"

Tumuthag: "Have you heard what happened? King Kurog is dead!"
Thegshakul: "Really? How in Malacath's name does a king get murdered in his own city?"
Tumuthag: "Lucky, I guess. But we have a new king."
Thegshakul: "A new king? That's mighty brave of someone. And who is our new king?"
Tumuthag: "Chief Bazrag. Or should I say King Bazrag? He's wearing the crown now."
Thegshakul: "I bet that crown hurts. It looks pretty solid and heavy."
Tumuthag: "I think he'll make a good king. Better than what Kurog turned to in the end."
Thegshakul: "Let's go see what this new king looks like. I bet he's a giant!"


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