"Don't eat the bread; its stale. Stick with the drinks. At least they're still potent."
―Turil Darothen[src]

Turil Darothen is a Dunmer silk merchant found at the Riverside Inn in Nimalten.


Turil is a merchant who deals with silk. He and Enthis Hlan are currently arguing, both claiming to the Vestige that a shipment of missing silk was taken by the other and ask for help getting it back.


A Business PropositionEdit

Enthis claims that Turil sent bandits to steal the silk from him, and sends the Vestige to get information. After speaking with him, he will let slip the bandit leaders name. He will confess to sending Chanda and her bandits, but claims he hired them to steal it back.

After finding the bandit camp and some of the silk, the Vestige will have to decide to give the silk to one of the merchants, or destroy the remaining silk in the inn's fireplace.


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